Life Coaching

Why Life Coaching With Julie?

Insightful Understanding

    You'll gain greater clarity and get practical steps to help you live to your full potential.

Feel Empowered

Receive confidence building, empowerment and support so you can take steps toward your goals.

Improve Relationships

 Clients report feeling happier in their relationships following sessions.

Julie's Book

In this research based book, Julie highlights important lifestyle factors affecting our health that are often overlooked. Your mindset, relationships, stress level and spiritual life all significantly affect your physical health. But we tend to focus solely on diet and exercise as the primary means to health, but there is so much more to keeping your immune system strong to ward off disease.

Meet Julie

Julie Shiposh is a Certified Life Coach and has a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.

She has a wealth of experience in many different coaching modalities. She understands personality differences, relationship issues, importance of a spiritual life, connection between emotions and physical health, and how to get unstuck so you can live to your potential and fulfill your dreams.

Julie has been trained in the Enneagram Personality Typing System by Enneagram expert Russ Hudson. She has led recovery groups, marriage groups, parenting groups, and a compassionate communication group.

Julie is also an author and inspiring speaker. Her favorite topics to speak on are Overcoming Fear, Dream Interpretation, Understanding the Enneagram, and Healthy Relationships.

Julie Shiposh MSMFT, CLC
Denver/Colorado Springs, CO

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